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Two cameras (PCIe-1433 & PCIe-1427) in LabVIEW programming.



I am trying to acquire multiple images with two cameras (1st : PCIe-1433 + Basler avA1000-120km, 2nd : PCIe-1427 + the same CCD with the same lenses) at different angles while my target is moving on a motion controller (ThorLab apt - brushless servo controller).

Using LabVIEW, I can remotely control the servo controller based on Active X connectivity. Also, I programmed to save multiple images with one camera at PCIe-1433 board. So, what I left are

1. operating two cameras at the same time.

2. triggering the image acquisition by cameras from the servo controller.



Here are the questions.


1. What would be an efficient and accurate way to operate two cameras at the same time? (Is there any way to operate it separately? or there is only way to operate those by master and slave modes via RTSI bus controller?)


2. If I have to use RTSI bus controller to connect two boards then do I need to buy RTSI cable to connect them? Anyone would show me how to connect them?


3. Is is possible to trigger the cameras by the signal from the servo controller which has trigger out with 0-5V range ?


4. Is it possible to connect trigger in and out which are PCIe-1433 SMB male to SMA female (servo controller) ? Then what would be the cable or connector I can use for this? (size, or ref code for the product?)


Thank you

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Hi Heavysticks,


The answer on your other post has all the info I would have posted. You should be good to go!

David S.
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