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Trying to Append an Array through Tracking Coordinates

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Hello, I'm Venus and I'm quite new at Labview! I was trying to utilize Labview's default examples for object tracking using the traditional mean-shift tracking function and I got stuck trying to make a coordinate array for X and Y.


I have a case structure that has 0 for the initial condition where it reads in the coordinates of the bottom function. I would like the coordinates to be the start of the array and then when the case structure is at default the array could be added on to the matrix. I'm not sure how to implement it and would really appreciate any help or advice, thank you!

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Accepted by topic author venus.luong
04-08-2019 01:55 PM

Ok so I made the code to work but it's still not appending the X and Y coordinates into the last array. I really need help and am really desperate. Thank you so much!

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It's cool, I figured it out Smiley Happy I'm gonna move onto the timing function now.

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