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Trouble using serial output strings from smart camera to plc


I was hoping that someone on here could steer me toward the best manual to use that would give me specifics on the serial commands.

I am capturing a datamatrix code then outputting that via the serial commands. When I output through the serial I get jibberish. I have not broken down the ascii to see waht the jibberish is yet.

I am using hyperterminal and realterm on my development computer in place of the plc. I should be seeing numbers not jibberish..

I attached a rtf file to this post with several screenshots. I really hope someone out there has some information.

I had to put the file in a .zip to attach it...

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Hey Tailfire,

I found another Discussion Forum that may be of some assistance.

Serial Communications

Let me know if this does help any. If not I will look further into this.


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