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Trouble Setting ROI on Basler ACE 2 Camera

I'm stumped with an issue with a Basler Ace 2 camera (a2A5320-23umBAS) that hopefully someone else has already figured out. I'm attempting to assign an ROI on the camera in LabVIEW to restrict the acquisition area and increase the frame rate - I've done this in the past with Basler Ace cameras by stopping the acquisition (IMAQdx Stop Acquisition), followed by releasing the configuration (IMAQdx Unconfigure), and then setting the new ROI values by using the Width, Height, Offset X, and Offset Y IMAQdx property nodes, then reconfigure the camera and restart acquisition (IMAQdx Configure and IMAQdx Start Acquisition respectively).

When I try to use this same code on the Ace 2 camera, I get an error on attempting to write the Width and Height values (but not for the Offset values) - Error -1074360304 - Unable to set attribute. Issue occurs in MAX as well - Width and Height are always greyed out, and never editable, even if no acquisition is occurring. The functionality appears to work perfectly when using the Basler Pylon Viewer application however, and appears to allow editing of the exact same attributes. 


So far I haven't found any way around this behavior. Anyone have any advice or suggestions for getting around this issue? 

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