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Trigger over Ethernet (ToE) - Web inspection


I'm currently using 4 linescan cameras (Basler Racer) to inspect a web. I'm triggering them with an encoder signal and all camera has the differential A & B wired to the camera. Everyting is working fine. I use the internal camera frequency converter to divide the quadrature input. (final frequency is 12500 count / sec)


I would like to test the ToE avenue using the action command fonction to simplify wiring. I've quickly test with one (1) camera and look like it's working. Will need to test with 2+ cameras. The problem I have is that I can't use the internal camera frequency converter to divider the signal with the action command function. I'm using the 'Vision RIO Default (FPGA)' VI with a NI IC 3173 controller.


Is there a way to divide the quadrature signal directly on the FPGA inside the Vision RIO Default (FPGA) VI? any example how to implement


Thank for your help.


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