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This type mismatch may be caused by an older instance of the Image data type.

I'm getting an error in Labview 2009:


This type mismatch may be caused by an older instance of the Image data type.  To fix it, simply replace the instance with the IMAQ Image.ctl type definition in the Image Controls menu palette.




These cannot be wired together because their data types (numeric, string, array, cluster, etc.) do not match. Show the Context Help window to see what data type is required.
The type of the source is typedef 'IMAQ Image.ctl'
IMAQImage (IMAQImage,<no tag class>).
The type of the sink is typedef 'IMAQ Image.ctl'
User Defined Tag By Reference Flatten Refnum.


When connecting IMAQ Get Buffer to IMAQ Image.

When I try to replace it with the "new instance", the front panel doesn't show a display, only I/O.


This exact program works fine in Labview 8.5 on another computer, but converting it to an old version of Labview doesn't solve the problem either.

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Hi gtmos,


What happens if you simply delete the control you have now, right-click on the Image out terminal from Get Buffer, then select Create » Indicator?  I'm not sure exactly what's going on in your VI, but a screen shot or actually posting the code could be helpful. 


Also, did you install LabVIEW 2009 on top of the LV 8.5 and the drivers?  If so, you may need to reinstall the Vision Acquisition drivers on top of LV 2009.

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This was a clean install of LabVIEW 2009 on a new computer, so there shouldn't be an issue there.

When I try and right click to create indicator, the option to do so is unavailable (grayed out for all options)


Below is a screen shot of the code and attached is the code.







Thanks for any and all help!




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First, I opened your VI without any problem on my LabVIEW.

Maybe the problem is that you have changed something in the IMAQ Get Buffer vi (loss of attention) and the terminal is unwired or the Image Out control doesn't reffer anymore to the IMAQ Image typedef.



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Yes, I also got something similar during migration from version to version. Somewhere bug in Vision (but I can't clearly reproduce it). 

The only way for workaround - delete "wrong" vision display and create new one on the Front Panel, then connect wire again. Not only "replace", but clearly delete and create new one.



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