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The procedure entry point IMAQdxEnumerateFrameGrabbers could not be located

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Since recently I get following error from the device monitor:

"The procedure entry point IMAQdxEnumerateFrameGrabbers could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program files (x86)\National Instruments\Vision\NIIMAQdx\niimaqdxSysapiExpert.dll"

Reinstalling LabVIEW and device drivers did not help. My Pixelink USB3 camera does not appear anymore in MAX.



Windows 10

LabVIEW developer suite 2018

Device drivers may 2018 (IMAQdx 18.0)


Any ideas?


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05-06-2019 06:45 AM



It sounds to me like you must have a new version (18.0+) of the IMAQdx system expert (niimaqdxSysapiExpert.dll) and an older version (pre-18.0) of IMAQdx (niimaqdx.dll).


Can you find those two binaries on disk*, right click, select Properties, and go to the Details tab? Then you should see a product version (see attached). Can you report back on what that is for those two files?


* Expert path: C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\Vision\NIIMAQdx

IMAQdx path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\niimaqdx.dll


What you need is to fix your Vision Acquisition Software/IMAQdx install. If reinstalling didn't work, you probably need to do a repair. Can you initiate a repair from the Add/Remove programs workflow?


It seems concerning to me that this could happen just installing the May 2018 device drivers. Was this a clean install?

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This was indeed the problem. niimaqdx.dll was older. This was related to a patch of Pixelink to use their UBS3 cameras with LabVIEW. This patch works for IMAQdx 15.5 but not 18.0




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Ah okay, that makes sense. I remember working with them on that patch a few years ago. It's my understanding that what we provided was just a pre-release version of the fix we put in all subsequent versions of the driver. I would expect that this problem that needed a patch for 15.5 is now resolved in the release of 16.0+. If that's not the case, please let me know!




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Well, I had installed LabVIEW Developer Suite 2018 and the device drivers May 2018, including IMAQdx 18.0. The Pixelink USB3 camera appears in NI-MAX and one can capture an image. However, the attributes of the camera are not visible (so no changes to exposure time, gamma, etc can be made). This was the same issue that I had encountered three years ago, resulting in this patch.

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Thanks for the update. I looked back at my emails from Pixelink in 2015, and only saw mention of one change that I believe did make it into the driver. If you're in contact with Pixelink support, can you have them contact us to discuss this? Otherwise I can email my old contact and ask...

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