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The Measurement & Automation application does not detect my USB camera

Hi, it's OP again.

It seems that I cannot use the IMAQ libraries with my USB camera. I’m still trying to make that motion detector but I have to use the IMAQ USB blocks instead. The thing is, most of the libraries that work with the IMAQ are not compatible with IMAQ USB and all the detectors I have found in the Internet use at least one of those blocks.  Could someone please give me an example of motion detector build with only the IMAQ USB and compatible blocks? Or at least guide me how to compare the two acquitted images (one being held for 50 ms) in the program I have here?

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Thank u a lot this is exactly what i want 🙂 

I have only a small question ... How can i select one of the acquired image to process? I mean how can i resolve number 2? It seems there's a block i have to choose but what is it? 


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I've found it...

Thank you for your help...

Best Regards 

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Hello there:) 

I am trying to capture an image and i used the Get Pixel value block where i specify the coordinates X and Y and it outputs me the pixel value. Is there any way to do the reverse process? I mean can i have the pixel value as input and get the coordinates as outputs? because my application is about getting the coordinates of the highest pixel value in order to move two servo motors so i need the coordinates as outputs... 


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Dear toufic,

you cannot do it this way. You will have to check all pixel values and compare them to find the highest value. You can use for example IMAQ ImageToArray and then just search for the highest value using operations on arrays.


Dear Deadpool,

you will have to replace the standard IMAQ blocks with the ones provided by IMAQ USB. You can have a look at page 7 of NI-IMAQ for USB Manual. A setup similar to what you need is presented there.



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