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Terrible performance of VPx codecs, especially at high resolutions


I've made an HD version of AVI Codec Comparison example based on stock Vision images, I think you'll find it useful as well. It takes about 3 min. and 500 MB to execute.

I also added a score which tries to show an overall codec efficiency. It does quite well, but it's far from perfect.


What's more important though, it exposed a performance issues with new VPx codecs.

Windows 8.1
LabVIEW 2018 SP1 f4 - 2020
Vision Development Module 2019 SP1 - 2020


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Download fixed AVI Codec Comparison example from this thread and run the VI;
  2. Download AVI Codec Comparison HD example attached below and run the VI;
  3. Take a note of Avg Write Time (ms) column for VPx codecs and compare the results.

Expected Result:

VPx codecs take a reasonable amount of time to compress single frame.


Actual Result:

VPx codecs take way too much time per frame:


The difference is especially ridiculous for VP9 codec, while VP8 simply performs terribly even for small images.


Please make these codecs on par with the others and more real-time-friendly. Use a lighter preset or expose them to users through the Quality terminal (for all built-in codecs having presets).


Reported to NI with SR #7811908.

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NI Technical Support wrote:

Bug report created: 1085585.


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