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Stopping and resuming a Session is broken?


I am using an NI 1429 card together with an Dalsa IR MCT array. Using the latest IMAQ version, it seems that stopping and restarting a session only work if I use imgSessionAbort and run imgSessionConfigure again. Latter takes really long with a larger number of buffers, hence I dont want to do that. When I just use imgSessionStop and imgSessionStart imgSessionCopy I get junk back from SessionCopyBufferByNumber (I think is the same issue as in


So how can I stop and restart my session sucessfully?


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Sorry I meant a NI-1427.

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Have you tried using IMAQdx? There is full support within that driver now for most functionality that the IMAQ driver provided previously.

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I don't belive the card is supported by IMAQdx.


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All the current CameraLink boards are supported in IMAQdx since version 18.0.

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Oh ok, thanks. Still, imaq-dx needs a ni vision license, which I don't have. Also should I think that IMAQ should still be working right?

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