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Some settings in IMAQdx .icd are not saved, some are ignored when NI MAX 19.5.0f0 opens the file


I'm looking for NI to resolve these problems in NI MAX with regard to the IMAQ to IMAQdx transition:


IMAQdx .icd file is missing the following attribute

Frame Grabber Attributes :: Encoder Controls :: Encoder Use IO Board Input


When NI MAX opens the .icd file, the following combination is ignored:

FrameGrabberAttributes::AcquisitionControls::TriggerSelector = "Line Start"
FrameGrabberAttributes::AcquisitionControls::TriggerSource = "Encoder"
FrameGrabberAttributes::AcquisitionControls::TriggerActivation = "Rising Edge"
FrameGrabberAttributes::AcquisitionControls::TriggerDivider = "1"
FrameGrabberAttributes::AcquisitionControls::TriggerMode = "On"


The Trigger mode will be "OFF" in NI MAX



NI MAX Saves the camera setting Trigger Mode "ON":

11 ni max says ON.png


The .icd file says "ON"

10ICD file says ON.png



Reopen NI MAX, the Trigger Mode is "OFF":

Trigger Mode OFFTrigger Mode OFF


Encoder Use IO Board Input is disabled.

Use IO Board not enabledUse IO Board not enabled


Camera files are attached

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