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I'm trying to select a color camera for my application which runs in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection on a standard

computer. I tried to use the NI industrial camera advisor, but I still have some concerns due to some aspects of the application.

The application needs to inspect similar objects which can have variable sizes. Like for example an object of 35cm x 55cm

and another object of 63cm x 69cm (this is the largest area). The camera precision is the same for all objects and is about

0.5-1 mm.

I thought of two options:

1) Use one camera which can handle the largest object, so smaller objects shouldn't be a problem. The problem with this is 

that the size of the object is limited, because in the future even larger objects might be possible.

2) Use multiple cameras which all inspect a small part of the object. This increases the complexity of the program but does

not limit the size of the objects. Also, it should be possible to connect al these cameras to the computer and show the total

result of the inspection(from the entire object) to the operator.


Which approach you believe is the best? Are there other options?




Bert Christiaens

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Usually there is a Requirements Document which includes all specifications which has to be fulfilled for that application at the time it was created.


So you should design your system for the biggest object to inspect with the given accuaracy.

If there will be bigger objects in the future then you will need another camera.





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You might want to consider talking with an Alliance Member like Graftek, which I know has a lot of experience with camera/lighting/optics recommendations.



Hope this helps,


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