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Replacement for PCIe-1430?

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We have a customer getting a Specim camera, a Camera Link FX17. Unfortunately, the PCIe-1430 interface card is out of production, and the secondary market is pretty grim. Is there a recommended replacement or superceding product for the 1430?


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Is this camera requiring a dual base connection ?! Or do you need to interface 2 cameras ?

The only up to date option of cameralink grabbers is the 1437, which is cameralink full.



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Accepted by topic author Jack_608

I downloaded the user manual for FX17 camera. It is Camera Link Full (see attachment)

NI PCIe-1437 should work for you. You are going to need NI help to create the camera file.

If that is the correct camera I have downloaded then it should work fine.

Pixel per clock 80MHz

Number of tap 2

Bit per pixel 12/10/8

Line pause 18 clocks


Amit Shachaf
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