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Read pixel size of camera

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is it possible to read the pixel size of a camera programmatically with IMAQdx?

e.g. Basler ace acA1300-30um: 

Pixel Size horizontal/vertical3.75 µm x 3.75 µm


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Thomas, 


The only way to read that programmatically would be if the vendor exposed this information as an attribute via their XML file. I looked at a couple of Basler aces that I have, and none of them seemed to have that information. They have an attribute called PixelSize, but that refers to bits per pixel and not the physical size. I skimmed the GenICam Standard Features Naming Convention to see if there is a standard GenICam feature for what you're looking for and didn't see one. Unfortunately it seems like you won't be able to get that information programmatically.



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Hallo Katie,
thank you for your quick response and investigation.
Instead I'll read the camera model name and define the pixel size for all possible cameras.


Best Regards,


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pretty sure Basler ace does not have pixel size in um in camera attribute.  : )

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