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REad Avi file error shows

I cannot open AVI file with data:

I get the error message:Error -1074396009 occurred at IMAQ AVI Open. An internal DirectX error has occurred.  Try upgrading to the latest version of DirectX. Possible reason(s): IMAQ Vision:  (Hex 0xBFF60497) An internal DirectX error has occurred.  Try upgrading to the latest version of DirectX.


Even the example "AVI Read Write With Data" gives this error message.



Opening AVI files without data works OK.

Opening gray scale AVI files with data works OK.


But I could't open RGB AVI files with Data.


As error messae instructed I tried update DirectX. I am having latest DirectX (Version 11).


I tried reinstalling IMAQ-Vsion. But this not solving the issue.


In one page i read like, ffdshow mght cause this issue. (

I tried uninstalling ffdshow. But I still have that isssue.


Is there any work around to open RGB AVI files with data? 





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use some software like format factory software convert your avi file into
median quality avi flle
also use old version open avi file it work better without inserting any windows codec
you can find it in LV2012 and older
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Dear Hatef,


Thanks for the response.


I am facing the same issue with LV2012 vision pallates too. I need to use berrter quality file for procesing. 



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if your avi file size is not orge send me i will convert it for you if not
use this software
and convert your avi into medium avi
in this case labview will be open it easly
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I have attached the AVI file I generated using Labview example.


I could not open this AVI in Labview. I am able to open this AVI file in all players.

I shoud not loose any pixel details. So I can not compress the AVI.


I have tried with less quality images to create avi files. I am not able to open them too.




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this video is NI example video and it could easly open with labview ?!

I test it 

use this vi to open it 

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I got same error response for the VI attached.


As I mentioned, I am getting this error in NI example VI also.




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