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Question about sync. of camera and the fps, exposure time ...

Hello, I'm a graduate student conducting an optical experiment.


I have used BFLY-U3-05S2M-CS (Mono CCD camera, 50 fps) for my project.

In my project, I'd like to synchronize the camera with the photo-sensor (Exelitas SPCM-AQ4C), i.e. they need to be operated at the same time during certain period.

(I attached the datasheet. 😊)


To achieve this sync, I have thought that the measurement rate of single photon detector should be same as the frame rate of the camera.


The following is my questions :


(1) For sync. both devices, is there any other factors to be considered like fps and exposure time?

     As I above mentioned, I keep the same rate of fps and photo measurement.

     Please tell me any comments and factors to be considered for sync.     


(2) Can you check the following my strategy for sync. between camera and photo sensor?

     The camera I used has a GPIO (General purpose I/O) connector.

     To sync. both devices, I connect a external trigger signal (50 Hz square signal from function generator) to both devices.

     Specifically, the trigger signal is transmitted to the camera, where the signal is connected with Opto-isolated input through GPIO 0 and the gate of photo sensor.

     Similarly,  the trigger signal is transmitted to the gate of photo sensor.



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It would help to know a bit more about what you're trying to achieve. Are you trying to have the sensor and the camera capture photons over the same period of time? If so, it would seem the different characteristics of the silicon must be considered. 

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