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Prosilica GC1380 Error 0xBFFF800D in MAX ...

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I am trying to get a Prosilica GC1380 connected to LabVIEW. The camera works fine with the supplied software from allied vision and does show up in MAX. However, if i click on the camera in MAX i get:


Error 0xBFFF800B

The session for your  device could not be configured


If I run the CameraValidator I get:


Opening 'cam0'...
Error Occurred at unknown file, line 1880, column 14. Unknown element 'Endiaoess'
Unhandled exception!


Does anyone know what that means?


I have 2 networkcars installed on the pc

1. Intel 82579LM

2. Realtek RTL8169/8110


Both give me the same error.


I am running windows 7 x64 with NI-IMAQdx 3.9.1. My FIrewall is off and I already tried deleting the iic and xml file. Nothing worked so far. I have another computer and a Laptop where everything is working just fine.


Anyone got some good ideas for me?




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Accepted by topic author winstroth
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Hi Jan,


This looks like your XML file downloaded from your camera is broken. Is it possible you have some sort of pre-production camera? Can you check if there is a firmware update available?



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That did the trick. Thx very much. Strange thing that I did get that error on one computer but all other had no problem what so ever.

Well its working now so I am happy :-)



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