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Problems selecting the correct workstation

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The project consists of a scanner with a line scan camera of 4096 pixels, operating at an acquisition frequency of 40kHz, for which we bought, among other products, a NI PCIe-1433 framegraber. The web speed to be inspected is 10 m / s and the width is 0.9 m.

The main task of the scanner will be particle analysis and find dimensions and coordinates of the particles founded. The first step will be binarization, same binary morphology, particle filter and particle analysis. If everything goes fine, we will try to find other kinds of defects that will require same filtering.

We will develop our application using loops running in parallel as well as parallelize all possible tasks, may be we also, we will need to use pipeline for serial tasks, too.


For this application we decided to use a Dell Precision Workstation, but I´m having troubles deciding the wright workstation


Principally, the doubt is which processor is better for these application. The Dell Precision Workstations comes with Intel I3, I5 (dual core), I7 (up to 4 cores) and Xeon (5600 up to 6 cores). I don't know which is the best and how many cores will be necessary. I guess it is better fewer cores running fast, that many cores running slower, am I wright?


The OS we are thinking to use it´s Win 7 64 bits.


Also how many RAM will you suggest?


Any help will be welcome.




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The i7 quad-cores are great for vision processing. They also have the "turbo boost" feature which will make one or more of the cores run at a faster speed when other cores are idle, making parts of your code that might be single-threaded much faster. I'd go for this over the Xeon systems for performand/value unless you case about features like multiple CPU sockets or ECC memory.



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Thank you Eric, for the reply.


So, you think that there is no advantage using a Xeon instead of an I7, or there is any minimal difference, but the cost of that is very high. Am I right?

Obviously, apart of the advantage of using ECC memory. We are not thinking in use multiple sockets.




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Accepted by topic author Juanjo339



Finally we decided to buy a Dell Precition T3500 wich have a quad core Intel Xeon 3,2GHz and with 6GB of ECC RAM.

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