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Problems installing NI IMAQ vision 7.1

During Installation on a new system NI IMAQ vision 7.1 reports error 1316: " A network error ocurred while attempting to read from the file C:\WINNT\INSTALLER\vis70LV.msi
Operating system : W2K SP4
Labview Revision 8.2 (i like to work with the limited support as mentioned in the NI-nowledgebase)
Error comes up regardless if there is a network connection on this computer or not.
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Hello Andreas,

if you need the vision libary in lv 8.2 you need also the vision development modul in the same version. Therefore you need the Vision Development Modul 8.2.

Kind regards,

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I have the same problem with this error, but installing Vision Development Module 8.6 (the same file that worked on other computers, however), I tried uninstalling and reinstalling all of Labview and Vision again, same error (see below for error message).I was running Labview 7.1 with IMAQ 7.0 on the same machine before


it seems to not be able to find the file C:\WINDOWS\Installer\vis70LV.msi    (there is no Installer folder in my WINDOWS folder)


I am running an old machine (about 5 years) with a 1.09 GHz AMD athlon, 2GB RAM, and XP SP3 


the error code is 1316


any help would be greatly appreciated, this is my home computer and it would be very helpful for me to work from home in addition to while in lab. 

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