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Problem with Camera - NI IMAQ 18.5 and Bassler Camera under W10


I used to read out a Basler camera operating with Labview 2017 and Ni IMAQ 18.5 for 1year and since October 2018 (after a windows update) the camera freezes/stops working arbitrarily (after 2 or 700 images). The error I get is

"Error -1074396077 occurred at IMAQ Symmetry"

but just because no image is delivered.

Closing Labview and opening it works again mostly. Sometimes, even this does not help. If I try to access the camera with NI Max I get another error "Error 0xFFFF34D9".

National Instruments suggested to upgrade to 18.5 (no change), check the hardware (not the issue) and change the windows energy saving option "enable USB control to save energy" (no influence).

This set up worked well for quite some years, with regular maintenance of the hardware. Only after a recent W10 update, several issues came up (OPC problems, afs client and this) but all were solved by patches except the camera issue.


Do anyone of you have similar issues? Or even a solution?



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As this post was untouched for some while, do you still experience mentioned error with your Basler camera?

If you resolved it, could you share the solution with us?



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Hello, i have the same issue as you described. Do you found any solution yet?

Thanks in advance...

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No - not at all. I didn't had a run with our robot for the last 3months, so I havent had time/need to further debug it. But I tried a lot and didn't find any solution yet.


Sorry :-(

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Ok, thanks for info. I wonder if roll-back of windows updates could help to solve the issue, did you tried this? (Or reinstalling whole system)


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I guess a roll-back would help - but it is a" deep going" update and since we are using it within a network we cant fall back behind security updates and patches.

As a stand-alone machine, sure.

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