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Polarization Cameras

Has anyone used a polarization camera like those from Lucid with LabVIEW? If so, any experience to share?


I'm especially interested in how MAX would extract the various images. Anyone?

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I have a 4DI Polarcam.. It's based on an Imperx GigE camera, there is just a custom mask over the sensor, with different polarizations, in a pattern much like a Bayer pattern.


If the manufacturer does not provide a LabVIEW interface (It's always good to ask), you will have to write your own, to isolate the pixels of a given polarization orientation, and recombine them to form the polarization images.


When viewed in Max, it shows the entire sensor is shown as one image.  The effects of the polarization filter are visible, and the scene looks almost normal, but it's useless for polarization studies since it's a combined image.


Writing the decoding software is simpler than writing a Bayer filter, since there is no interpolation.


Today is dreary and overcast, so polarization effects will be minimal, and my bench is currently set up for polarization studies, so I snapped an image of my iPhone, showing an image of a pie.  It gives a taste of what Max will show.


Let me know if you have further questions, and how things come out!





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