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PXI-1428, 1X2-1Y, 12-Bit, Basler Ace Camera



I have a PXI-1428 frame grabber and a Basler acA2040-180km. I can get the camera and frame grabber to work together when configured for 1X2-1Y, 8-bit operation. But, I need 12 bit, 2-tap operation. Using the 'NI Camera File Generator' to create a configuration file, I see that for 8-bit operation, the 2 Tap Interlaced Vertically image matches the one I see in the Basler documentation (AW000985 ace Camera Link Users Manual). But, when I configure for 12-bit operation, the frame grabber seems to be configured for every other column. (columns 1 and 3 for example. Shouldn't it be 1 and 2?). The images I collect using the 1X2-1Y 12-bit configuration seem to have every other column missing.


So, how do I configure the PXI-1428 to read in from the acA2040-180km 12-bit, two tap (1X2-1Y) mode?

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Okay, never mind. It turned out that the camera configuration file was set to 12 bits, the frame grabber card was set to 8-bits.

Setting both to the same value solved the problem.

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