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PCIe-1473R fpga project

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Hi all,


I am trying to create FPGA code for the PCIe-1473R Card. When trying to create an FPGA project, this card is not among the hardware options that I am able to choose from, and none of the other options have the same inputs and outputs. I don't have the card yet, so I can't have Labview detect it automatically, but I was hoping to have this code done by the time it arrived.


Are there drivers or updates I need to install to see it? Or is there a workaround?

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Here's an almost helpful answer:


I had the same problem.  It turns out you have to install another driver.  The problem is I can't remember which driver.  It might have been in the vision section, or the RIO section.


Hope this helps some.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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Thanks Bruce,


You were absolutely right. I did a bit of digging and found that I needed the latest version of the NI-IMAQ and NI-RIO drivers, and both were out of date. Everything seems to be working now

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Hallo all,


i have to work with the PCIe-1473R for a project at the university and i need your help. I have the card and i installed the LabView 2013 SP1 the FPGA and the IMAQ and RIO. The drivers IMAQ and RIO upgradet to a newer version, do you think that could be a problem and that they are not exactly kompattible with the LabView? I also have a camera JAI CV-M2 at my disposal but i don`t know if it`s intakt. Could you point me to an example it could be very simple, just to see if the camera and the Frame Grabber are working.


Thank you!

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Hi Genadi,


The drivers should be backwards compatible, so you should be ok as far as that’s concerned.


Unfortunately, I no longer have the FPGA module installed, or any example code to show you. However, I can offer some advice for getting an answer:


This is a 2 year old thread, so you will probably have more luck if you post this as a new question on our message board here. The more specific your problem is, the more likely people are to be able to help you, so instead of asking for working sample code, I recommend you give it a try yourself, then post your own code and ask for help fixing it. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of Labview experience; we won't judge you for bad code, but having it as a starting place will make it easier for people to help you.


Your school might also have an NI sales rep that visits from time to time. If you ask nicely, they might be willing to give you a few pointers, or even set up a training seminar if you can get more people interested in attending.


I wish you luck,



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NI released FPGA Vision support with Vision Development Module 2014. You might want to try out the latest version, which includes VIs that implement FPGA image processing functions.

Additionally, you can prototype your FPGA Image Processing algorithm with Vision Assistant, which can then generate the LabVIEW FPGA code for you.

Here is the link to download the 2014 evaluation version of Vision Development Module:


Hope this helps.




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Thank you very much, that kind of Vision Tool is almost everything i need.

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