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PCIe-1430 serial communication trouble

I just purchased an PCIe-1430 board (actually 2 1430 boards) and the "Camera Attributes" section in MAX doesn't have any effect on the camera.  The "Enable Serial Commands" checkbox is checked and I can get the attributes to work using a 1426 board using the same ICD file.  I am using IMAQ 3.5.1.  What am I missing?
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I figured out my issue, apparently I jumped the gun, it seems as though the serial port needed to be reset (power cycling the camera fixed the problem).
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I  have a problem similar with you .I have a ni  grab card 1430 ,and a  camera silicon imaging 1300M ,I want to control the image size and position and frame rate ,but  nothing happened when I passed the command to it through camera link with IMAQ serial write .  WIth the IMAQ read Bytes Ihave a time out error 

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Hey NI Camera File Generator,

Can I assume from your name that you have a camera file for your silicon imaging camera? Since it is a camera link camera, these typically have camera files that have the same name as the camera (this name includes manufacturer and model number). Have you been able to acquire images from your camera before this?

What is the error code for your Time out error? Do you get any other errors in this process?

Thanks for posting.


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