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PCIe 1429 + 6036E counter

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Hi all,


I have PCIe 1429 frame grabber, PCI-6036E Daq card and encoder.

I am able to read encoder pulses using ctr0 of 6036E. I'm trying to use the ctr0 signal as a trigger line to the frame grabber. I think I can generate trigger signal internally based on the encoder pulses but I do not find any information on that. Can you guys give me any helpful idea? Should I have I/O extension board to integrate the two cards (PCIe 1429 + PCI 6036)?



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Hi hyperimage,


The best way to trigger your frame grabber from your DAQ card would be to connect them with a RTSI cable internally and route the signal through the RTSI lines. The “LL Triggered Ring using DAQmx Pulse Train” might be a good starting point for what you are looking for. You can review the documents below to get a better understanding of how to trigger from a DAQ card.


LL Triggered Ring using DAQmx Pulse Train


DAQ Triggering of Acquisitions

What is the Difference Between the DAQmx Export Signal VI and the DAQmx Connect/Disconnect Terminals VIs?


RTSI Bus Cables

Tim O

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National Instruments
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Thanks for your answer.


I should've mentioned in the first post that I have laptop configuration which means I have PCMCIA type 6036E card and external device to use PCIe 1429. The external device is connected through PCI Express card. In this kind of configuration, do I still have a choice of using RTSI? If not, what other options do I have?


What I think I can do is to use SMB connector as external trigger source and wire the connector with 6036E terminal, so trigger pulses are generated using 6036E and the trigger pulses are used as external trigger source since SMB connector and 6036E terminal are connected. I'm not sure if this is the right way to do.



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Accepted by topic author hyperimage
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Hi hyperimage,


You will not be able to use the RTSI lines with PCMCIA 6036E. I think you’re on the right track with the external trigger though. You could have a wired connection between an output of the SMB to the trigger line on the PCIe 1429 and that should work just fine. All you need to do is output your trigger signal on which ever output you like and then have your camera reference the trigger line on the 1429.


Tim O


Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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