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PCI-1428 on Windows XP-64

Am I correct in assuming that I can't install a PCI-1428 image acquisition board under XP-64? The installer can't seem to find the drivers.


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Make sure you download and install the latest Vision Acquisition installer. Anything within the last year or so should have 64-bit support. I believe the only limitation with the 1428 would be that since it is an older product that cannot DMA past 32-bits you have some limitations in certain development environments if you have >3GB of memory in the system. Under LabVIEW it should work fine however.



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Note: Windows XP 64-bit is not an officially supported OS by many/most(?) drivers and software packages from NI (including Vision Acquisition). While you are unlikely to encounter many actual problems, you are likely on your own in terms of validating that the system is stable and runs properly and you might have issues if you have to request support.


Windows Vista and later are "officially supported" 64-bit platforms.



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That did it, thanks.


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