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PCI-1422 icd file difference

I have a computer with a PCI-1422 board in windows 98 SE and NI-IMAQ 2.5.3.

When I acquire the image of my specific camera, the image is okay.


I have update in NI-IMAQ 3.0, I load the same icd file than the old configuration (config file NI-IMAQ 2.5.3)

When I acquire an image, the image looks non synchronize (when I start and stop grab many times the image is moving) like a problem of synchronization. But I launch a grab the image is not moving, but when I start and launch again the image is at an other position


I take a look at the icd file and I see that some parameters have been added when I load it in NI-IMAQ 3.0.


Do you know which parameters have changed between NI-IMAQ 2.X and 3.X because I think that I need to add attribute which are take by default in 2.X and need to be added manually in 3.X





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