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PCI-1411 obsolescence


Hi everybody, we have to use NI PCI-1411 to acquire NTSC video for an automotive vision system. Unfortunately PCI-1411 has become obsolete: is there any alternative to acquire an analog video?

It is possible to find 3rd party acquisition board to replace PCI-1411 and fully compatible with VIs designed for 1411?





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Hello Claudio,


I strictly suggest to contact National Instruments Italy's Internal Sales Engineer in order to better evaluate your needings and driver you to the best choice already available.

At this moment, I would suggest the NI PCI-1410.

Let me know if you need additional help.


Have a nice day!

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Hi Matteo, I have already contacted a NI Sales Engineer (he is our reference for project where NI produvts are involved) and he said us that all analog video acquisition board are out of production. He is looking for some available boards, but a big problem still remains: we are designing a device with a NI board for which we haven't got replacement parts.

So, we are oriented to alternative solution:


- converting NTSC signal in digital (Firewire IEEE 1394) with an external converter and acquire digital signal through IEEE 1394 port

- looking for a third party video acquisition board compatible with IMAQ and Vision


Do you have some suggestions about these alternative solution? Or do you have better alternative solutions?




Claudio Rolfo

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