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OCR ROI - manipulate the location?

Most of my experience is with Cognex VisionPro and I normally use a fixture tool to correctly orient the search regions (X, Y, Rotation) for subsequent vision tools.  In this instance, I have an OCR that can be in many number of positions in the image and repeatability of the inspection is way down because I don't know how to move the ROI.
This is my first crack at trying NI vision and it doesn't seem intuitive on how to do this.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Note: I'm only using the vision assistant at this point but would like to know if this can be done with the VBAI or DevMod packages.
Many thanks,
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Nice to see that I am not the only one working on several machine vision platforms !!!

To be short : in Vision assistant, you cannot use local referencial, as you can do with Cognex.

In VBAI you can create a local referential and use it in subsequant steps, but you will need to detect the orientation and position of your text fisrt.

Hope this helps.

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Excellent - many thanks.
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hello @VisionGumby 

have you used labview to run a .vpp file of Cognex Visionpro and to get the results from the Job ? 

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