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Need driver for Varian flat panel used in radiography

Want to use one of Varian's flat panels for real-time radiography with IMAQ but need the driver - has someone already done this that could be purchased or who can I contact to have one written?
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Which Varian flat panel are you using?
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Varian Paxscan 2520V Amorphous Silicon; 8X10; 14-bit
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Hi, FSBlack,


As far as I know, this detector is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet interface (don't confuse with GigE Vision). This interface is not GigE Vision compliant, so, you will be not able to get the images with IMAQdx. But Varian provides relative simple API for communication. Install Ethernet driver from Detector's CD. Check that you are able to get images with VIVA software. Then use Varian API. All necessary functions located in VirtCp.dll.

For me was much easier to develop Wrapper-DLL for intercommunication. Theoretically its also possible to call VirtCP.dll directly, but then you need to figure out how transfer structures from LabVIEW to Varian. You need basic knowledge how to call external code from LabVIEW application.


For example, for initialization I have following function:


int LV_vip_open_receptor_link(char* path)
 int result;
 SOpenReceptorLink orl;
 memset(&orl, 0, sizeof(SOpenReceptorLink));
 orl.StructSize = sizeof(SOpenReceptorLink);
 strncpy(orl.RecDirPath, path, MAX_STR);
 result = vip_open_receptor_link(&orl);

 return result;

Then simply call LV_vip_open_receptor_link from LabVIEW and detector will be initialized. Unfortunately I can't provide full "ready for use" source code (because used in commercial application).




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So do you know of a commercial source were it or something simular could be purchased?

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Hi, FSBlack,


Please send me e-mail to I'll send you back contact information.




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Hi FSBlack and Andrey,


We are having a similar application and want to know whether you found a solution? If yes, can you kindly let me know how? You can also email me at

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Hey all 3 of you. It's been a couple of years since you posted this thread. I'm just about to start working some with the same panel you are talking about. Does anyone have more information about the VirtCp.dll and how to run the panel in labview?


Thanks for your help!


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Here is the dll info (I have not used it, just providing the info):





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Thank you AK2DM for the info. I had actually found the same dll. But I was wondering if there's anything written in LabView for the driver. I haven't used a Varian Paxscan 2520V before so I was hoping for more Smiley Happy Like the wrapper DLL Andrey is talking about, or even LabView VI's. But this is a good start though.




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