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NI Vision Builder built exe doesn't do the logging.

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I made an application with NI Vision Builder for AI, and the executable version doesn't save the log file. While testing it in NI vision, it saves, when i migrate it to labview it saves, but when i build the executable file, that doesn't do the logging. What could be wrong?

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Here is a thing..

The path in LabVIEW application and the path in EXE handles differently

You can follow this link to specify the path in EXE

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I'm setting up the logging destination in Vision Builder and I can't change/modify it in the LabVIEW migrated version (I should say I don't know how to.).

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Share your LabVIEW code.!
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Few questions to debug
-Where you are saving the log file in NI Vision Builder?
-How you are saving?
-What path you are giving for file? Is it relative or hard coded?


Adding this :check if it is similar to this problem:

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I'm saving it with the data logging tool. You can see the path and the settings at the attached pictures.

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-Please post at least screenshot of labview code where the file saving part existing.
-As described earlier the file path in code and exe need to be handled differently.
-Check this link
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Accepted by topic author Sprake

Thanks for your replies, the solution was easier than I tought. There wasn't any problem with the path or anything like that. The problem was that, I checked the "Log as background task" checkbox, and (I think) there isn't any program what could execute this step. So I unchecked that, and now it creates the log file as I wanted to.
Again, thanks for your quick response!

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