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NI Vision Builder AI 2023 - No remote target window

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Hello everybody,


I have installed the newest NI Vision Builder AI 2023, and unfortunately, I cannot find the 'Connect to remote target' option. I remember that this feature was available in the previous version.

In general, I am using IC-3171 with a PoE camera, and I would like to conduct some tests and training.

I can see the remote target and configure it in MAX.


What could be the issue?


Best regards!

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Vision Builder AI 2023 Q3 does not support remote targets anymore.
See Vision Builder for Automated Inspection 2023 Q3 Readme - NI

The Behavior Changes section mentions
"This release of Vision Builder AI does not support remote targets."

The latest version of Vision Builder that supports remote targets is 2020. It should still be downloadable from the web site:

Best regards

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Thank you for the fast response. Unfortunately VB AI 2020 is no longer available for download without a license.

In this case, I understand that the 2023 version should be used. How can I run tests with IC-3171 in this scenario? Should I install VB AI 2023 on it?


The documentation is not very up-to-date because online it can be read as follows:





Best regards!


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Hi @SilaMos


As ChristopheC mentioned, there is no way to use VBAI 2023 with an real-time IC-3171. VBAI 2023 only supports running scripts on Windows PCs. I agree that the documentation needs to be updated so that it reflects that RT target support was removed in version 2023. I'll file a documentation request with the team that owns that page.


As for getting access to VBAI 2020, if you have an active subscription license for VBAI 2023, that should also give you access to VBAI 2020. Have you registered your VBAI 2023 license with your account? If not, make sure to do that. After that, I would expect that you should be able to download the 2020 version from this page.


If you are still having trouble downloading the software, you should open a service request with NI Support (you will need to log in with your account). 

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Thank you for another batch of information 🙂


I understand correctly that currently, VB AI 2023 works on Windows PC, and to build an application with a vision inspection system, I need VB AI 2023 software, and a Windows PC, right? IC computers are no longer required/supported?"

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Accepted by topic author SilaMos

Yes, you can install VBAI 2023 onto any Windows PC (well, any Window 10, 11, Server 2016, 2019, or 2022 machine). You can run the inspection straight on the Windows machine without needing a remote target.


NI Industrial Controllers (like the IC-3171) with Linux Real-Time are no longer supported in 2023, but would still work in 2020. 


If you still needed an industrialized computer/controller to run the inspections, you could use an industrial PC that can run Windows 10 or 11.

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Everything is clear now.


I can run tests, and if they go well, purchase a license and implement the solution for the client.

Thank you again for your assistance; if I had asked sooner, I could have saved three days of searching for the problem 🙂


Best regards!

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