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NI Vision Builder 2012 - Configure Remote Device to Pre-Made Inspection?

I have NI Vision Builder 2012 and a remote camera that I'm trying to use to run inspections. I have already made an inspection in Vision Builder with a simulated camera and saved it to my computer. However, whenever I try to open an inspection using the actual camera, I am only given a select number of options. When I go to configure the camera, it is clearly looking for a zip file with, among other things, .vbai files in it, rather than a .vbai file itself. How do I create this zip file with my inspection in it? I just want to be able to run my inspection with an actual camera.

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You'll want to save the inspection to the camera.  When you try to open inspections, you're seeing the inspections that are already saved to the camera and that's why the list is so short.


I'm assuming the configure camera option step you're referencing is when you look to install the entire VBAI package to the camera.  This is a way to install the software the camera uses to run more so than an individual inspection.

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Hi Jeff,


Thanks - it turns out I had to import my inspection to the remote device. It's working now 🙂



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It's good to hear you've got it up and running now.  Have fun with your camera!

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