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NI MAX throughput error and Camera attribute out of range

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I recently purchased a Point Grey Grasshopper3 camera, it seems to work fine in the Fly Cap software point grey provides, but I get an error in NI MAX when I try to do a simple grab (shown below). This error shows up every time I try to grab an image the first time after opening NI MAX, even though throughput is set to the max. Then I change the throughput max under device control to any number around the max of 125000000, and the camera works fine for MAX. It will grab images as much as I need. Then I save the camera, exit MAX, open MAX again, it shows my saved settings, I go to grab images and I get the error again. So I change the range to whatever number and it works again in the same session in MAX. 


I did have a point grey Zebra2 working fine, and was using it in my LabVIEW program with IMAQdx to acquire images. When I try to use grasshopper3, LabVIEW returns an error of camera attribute out of range from the camera configuration VI. The VI's I am using to test the camera is just open camera, configure acquisition, start acquisition, get image, unconfigure acquisition, and close camera from IMAQdx. I did twice open MAX, change throughput, save camera, close MAX without grabbing an image, and then was able to acquire images in LabVIEW on the first run. Then I would run the VI again and it would return the error for camera attribute out of range. I have changed the packet size, resolution, and frame rate of the camera with out noticing a difference in the errors. 


Since I am able to stream images from the camera in point greys fly capture, and in MAX after toggling the throughput setting, it leads me to believe there is some sort of MAX/LabVIEW error preventing me from capturing the images.


Any ideas? Has anyone else had this issue with MAX and LV? 

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It looks like Point Grey cameras have shown this error before based on out of date firmware. See this link for one such instance. I would monitor the camera file (*.icd) located in the IMAQdx data folder in Public Documents to see if the actual value is being overwritten after the camera configuration is saved in MAX. There is a chance that the GigE .XML file that is transferred from the camera is overwriting these values to the unacceptable value. See this link for a KB regarding this error, which leads me to believe this may be the issue.

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Point Grey did not have any new firmware for me to update my camera, but the issue was resolved when I deleted the .icd and .xml files from the data folder in MAX. This forced MAX to recreate these files which so far has fixed the issue. Somehow those files had become corrupted or something as you suggested.



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