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NI ISC-1782 Lighting Control - Analog 0-10v output reading 0.3-11.8V


Any ideas why the "0-10v" lighting controller output on my 1782 smart camera is actually outputting 0.3-11.8v? Also, on the oscilloscope there's nearly 500mv of ripple! I am getting these readings with only the camera power supply and ethernet connected while using the lighting tab of an acquire image step in vision builder. Additionally, the 0-255 adjustable value of "lighting intensity raw" in vision builder doesn't seem calibrated to the output. The output maxes out at 11.8v around a raw value of 180 which means 180-255 does nothing.

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Thanks for reaching out, sorry you are having troubles. The AO definitely shouldn't be outputting that range and the signal shouldn't be that dynamic. How are you connecting your Analog Output circuit to the oscilloscope?  It's likely that your camera needs repair and needs and RMA, but maybe before this we may want to verify these measurement with another piece of equipment if possible.


I would also make sure you aren't creating any ground loops with your Oscope and camera. See table 1 of our Field Wiring and Noise Considerations for more information on this:



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To try and eliminate as many variables as possible, this was done with only the camera power supply and ethernet plugged in to the I/O board. The scope probe clip was connected to the C terminal on the lighting terminals and the probe was on the ANLG terminal (red box'd terminals). The scope is battery powered. 


We also tried several different power supplies for the camera including the wall brick, din rail ac/dc supply, and a linear bench top supply. All same results. 


Unfortunately our deadline came and went and the tool has been shipped out to it's final destination (Israel) with a manual work around so further testing is difficult to arrange.

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