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NI-IMAQ licensing question

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I bought a used PCIe-1430 board. According to the manual for this board, NI-IMAQ comes with it, however, it was not included with the the card. Is it possible to get a licensed copy that's tied to this board, or do I need to buy a new license as well? Just not clear on how this works.

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Accepted by topic author friolator
03-22-2019 01:31 PM

The license for Vision Acquisition Software is included (because you have NI hardware). You need the license for VAS only if you using USB or GigE Vision camera.

Refer to

You can download the software from here:

Take a note - the license for Vision Development Module is not included - this must be purchased separately regrdless from used framegrabber.

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Thanks. I have a Vieworks Cameralink camera, that has its own camera file generation tool for the NI board. It tells me that it requires NI-IMAQ v18 to be installed before it can run. So I downloaded v18 yesterday and installed it, and I can now run the camera software (Haven't tried connecting the camera yet). However, in the NI licensing manager, it tells me the status of NI-IMAQdx is "Evaluation"


Is there something I need to do to make it permanent?

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I would think you either need to talk to the person you purchased the used card from and get their IMAQ license that came with the board, or you will have to buy a new license from NI.  That is one of the downsides of buying used equipment - it doesn't always come with everything that was in the original packaging.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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@friolator wrote:

in the NI licensing manager, it tells me the status of NI-IMAQdx is "Evaluation"


Is there something I need to do to make it permanent?

Oh, you don't need IMAQdx for PCIe-1430 board at all. IMAQdx is intendent for USB/GigE Vision cameras and the license needed only when they used without NI hardware, so it is fully correct that IMAQdx is in the evaluation mode. You can uninstall it.

I'm 99% sure that extra license is not necessary for PCIe-1430 regardless if this brand new card or used. In the past we've purchased lot of NI PCIe camera link boards and I don't remember that any VAS license certificate was included. The license for IMAQdx will be needed for non-NI Vision hardware (and even if you have PCIe-1430 this will not grant IMAQdx license for you). Contact local NI representative - they should answer to your question.

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Aha. Thanks. I was just about to post something asking about this, after looking through the release notes for v18.5, and seeing that the "dx" version is handled differently (and doesn't include my board). Hoping to test the camera today, but currently stuck while this windows machine installs 170 security patches and updates...

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That's right, I forgot the vision acquisition only needs a license if you are using non-NI hardware, like USB/Gigabit cameras.  The drivers for the NI hardware are free.  Sorry for the confusion.


You will still need a license if you want to use the Vision toolkit, but that is totally separate.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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