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Modbus TCP with Vision Builder is Slow

That works for me. Thanks.
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Yep, works for me too.  Thanks for digging into it!  It sounds like I might bump this thread when VBAI 2014 comes out, if we make the upgrade.

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Has anyone had any luck with Modbus polling rate control in VBAI 2014?  I just upgraded, and had noticed the release notes indicated that this was fixed:


TCP Modbus custom polling rate setting is reset when using the Communication Manager.


It appears to be fixed, but I also seem to have lost control of the polling rate.  It now seems to be fixed at 50 ms.  It is confusing, because 50 ms is the custom rate I had set in the VBAI 2013 ini.  However, when I change my 2013 ini now, it now longer seems to have an effect.  Neither of the 2014 ini's seem to have any affect on polling rate either (although they are no longer overwritten).




This is the path in the registry file mentioned earlier in the thread:

c:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Vision Builder AI 2014\


From that, I would guess that the modbus settings are version independant (I have both still installed)



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