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Missing packet problem with GigE line scan camera


Dear all,



I have a basler runner rul1024-57gm GigE line scan camera and I test it in NI's MAX.
It works fine in 1024pixel*256line mode. However if I change the line number to a larger amount, 600 for example, it will have a severe problem of missing packets. Also none resent packets is received.
In 1024*255 mode, if I increase the frame rate to a very high level, the missing packets problem will also come out.
Another case is, if I restart the camera (or stop acquisition for a while), the problem will ease. But after several minutes (half minute in stopping acquisition case), it will show up again.
Another intersting thing is, if I open the microsoft's movie maker, the problem will become even more severe.
I think the reason might be that I am not using a intel pro1000 network card, hence not using the high performance driver. But according to NI's document, different driver should just cause different cpu usage.
Can anyone help me with this problem? I really want to know the reason especially for the funny movie maker.
My software and hardwares:
labview 8.6, vision acquirition software 2010
basler rul1024-57gm camera
broadcom Netlink(TM) Gigabit Ethernet Network Card (this NIC do not support high performance driver)
Trigger mode is off, so there should be no trigger problem.
I attached some test image.


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Hello Ustcmiaor,


My experience is that CPU performance does not say it all.

If you have a i7 CPU then see forum post:


The "Resend packets received" should be there. I can only guess why it is not there.

- The camera will not send them , due to settings or due to hardware problem.

- Maybe your resend time out is to long. I do not know what values should be for a line scan camera. I have value of 5msec.

- You should try pro1000 card. But in my opinion "Resend packets received" should also be there without pro 1000 also.


Please check your driver because the pro1000 card should use the right driver


For further details see basler:



Kind regards,



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Hi, toineroetman,


Thank you so much for your help.


The default resent time out is 2 ms for my camera in MAX, and use this setting, I got no resent packets.


After increased it to 100 ms, I can get 80% of the resent packets in a relatively low frame rate. However at high frame rate, still no resent packets received.


I ordered an intel pro network card online, I will try it after I got it. Hope it can solve my problem.



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