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Memory leak in NI Route Coordinator service with multiple USB 2.0 cameras


Windows 8.1
LabVIEW 2018 SP1 f4 - 2020
Vision Development Module 2018 SP1 - 2020
Vision Acquisition Software 18.5.1 - 20.0


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Connect 4+ USB 2.0 cameras to a PC or create a virtual ones:
    1. Download and install some webcam emulation software, e.g. IP Video Source;
    2. Open Start menu and select Alax.Info > IP Video Source > Manage Video Devices;
    3. In a configuration window click New and then Properties...;
    4. In a Location field of a video source properties specify a URL of some IP camera stream:
    5. In a Video Properties section specify video resolution of a stream and click OK;
    6. Select your video source in a list, click Copy and then Paste a few times;
    7. Click Apply and OK;
  2. Open a Task Manager and take a note of NI Route Coordinator service memory usage;
  3. Leave a PC running for a few days.

Expected Result:

Memory usage stays steady over time.


Actual Result:

Memory usage increases by a few hundred MB per day:


The problem also appears with 2 cameras, but is much less noticeable.



Disable NI Route Coordinator service.

It will cause new devices to not be detected automatically, but they will still be detected on MAX / LabVIEW launch or enumerated programmatically.


Reported to NI with SR #7811518.

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I can’t easily view that SR, but I believe this issue is a different manifestation of an issue already tracked in bug 211792. In your correspondence with NI support, please reference that bug number. This bug is limited to DirectShow-based devices, such as USB webcams, but does not affect GigE Vision or USB3 Vision devices.

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NI Technical Support wrote:

CAR #1084580.


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