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MAX doesn't see (older) firewire A camera's

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We have several firewire AVT camera's with a firewire A interface (AVT Guppy F046B, F503B, Marlin F033C,...)

They are working correctly (on a Windows 7 PC).

However on a brand new Windows 10 install (Pro, 1909, x64), we are having issues :

The Windows device manager recognizes everything fine :  PCIe firewire card is recognized as "LSI 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller", and the camera is recognized as a "NI-IMAQdx IIDC Digital Camera".

However in MAX, the camera doesn't show up.

We are using IMAQdx 20.0.

What I've tried :

- change the firewire card driver to "1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller" (without LSI). Doesn't make a difference.

- Install AVT Vimba driver and software. Camera is then working perfectly, but of course not recognized in MAX. So I switched back to IMAQdx drivers.


It seems as Windows is handling firewire differently than under Windows 7. Any ideas please?



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IMAQdx 20.0 removed support for Firewire cameras, so the latest release of IMAQdx that supports them is 19.5. If you try 19.5 instead, I would expect those cameras to work just fine on Windows 10.


Hope this helps,



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Hi Katie,


Thank you for the explanation. Indeed, when I removed IMAQdx 20 and installed IMAQdx 19.5, the camera was immediatly working in NI MAX.

However a new problem popped up : There was no support for LAbVIEW 2020 with the installed IMAQdx 19.5. (Missing .rc files)

Eventually I just solved this by downgrading to LabVIEW 2019.


Now everything is working perfectly.

Thanks for the tip!



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