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MATLAB and image acquisition with NI board

Hello! I would like to know if anyone might be able to advise me if it
possible to acquire images directly with a National Instruments video
acquisition board. I need to acquire the image with some subsequent image
processing in MatLab. I'm sure this is commonly done, but I can't find any
information anywhere. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks. Jason Pickering
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Hello Jason,

I just checked the Matlab web page and you can call DLLs from MEX files. When you install the imaq driver, a DLL will be placed in your system directory and if you install the C libraries, this will have a lib which will allow you to call the functions directly from the DLL. There are also examples that come with the driver to illustrate how you would acquire images and shows you how to get the 2-D array of pixels back. We also have software you can buy to do advanced processing, but it sounds like you want to handle this yourself (just wanted to make you aware of it).

Here's the link I found that describes how to call DLLs from Matlab

Hope this helps,
Brad Buchanan
Product Support Engineer
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