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Labview Vision, Extract fraction of image after zoom and pan.

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Hi all,

I need to extract and save a fraction of an image, after the user has used zoom an pan in an Image Display.

I already use ROI for something else...


I can't find any properties of the Image Display, which are useful for finding the coordinates of the view.

How can i find "left, top, right, bottom" of the view?


This (unresolved) topic deals with the a similar question:

how to determine what image pixels are currently displayed in an Vision Image display after zoom and...




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I assume this example can solve your problem. I use the properties: ZoomSingle, Image Central Position and Image Area Size. From their I can calculate the  the shown section and to create a rectangle for the IMAQ Extract2.



Save Image Part shown in display.png

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Ahh, Thanks p4keal!!


Great and illustrative reply!

It was the "Image Center Position", that I had missed, was actually changing with pan.


You saved my day




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You are wellcome 🙂

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