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Dear All

I've noticed that it is only possible to display a png file in 0-256
colors any more and a LVPNG.DLL error occurs. Why do labview support a
png file which can't display any more than 256 color. I've tried
reducing the image to 24 bit or 0-2096 color but the same problem
occurs. The advantage of using PNG is simple more colors better
compression and increased clarity. Then again it could be a problem with
what i'm doing can someone help. If it is possible to increase the color
to greater than 256 could someone let us know

Mr. S
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I believe that you can get higher than 256 colors. The limitation is that LabVIEW deals with images by converting them into pixmap data. It can only deal with certain picture depths which describes how many elements there are in the color table. It can be 1 bit (one color), 4 (16 color), 8 (256 color) or 24 bits which gives you 16777216 possible colors. If you use a depth of 24 bits, you should be able to get all the colors you need.
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