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Labview IMAQ:real time high speed image recognition system

If it is possible to build real time high speed
image recognition system for car motion control using Labview IMAQ?
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I'm not sure what kinds of speeds you are looking for, but Vision has pattern matching algorithms that are very good at finding patterns in a image and returning how closely they match a tempolate and the coordinates of the match. You can also look for multiple matches and rotated matches.

Please send some example templates (images you want to match) and the images to look for those templates in and we can give you a better idea how fast the pattern matching algorithm will work for your particular application (very application specific depending on how big the template/images are and how many edges are there). Will the template every be rotated or just shifted (if rotated what are the ranges of degrees it could be rotated about?). Please send this information to w for testing if you want some time stamping for the algorithm and let me know what your requirements are.

Brad Buchanan
National Instruments
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