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LabVIEW and Halcon

Thank you very much for the programming development of LV adjustable visionpro. Please give me your guidance

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LabVIEW calls hdev program. Is there any routine in this regard? Please give guidance. Thank you

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If I understand your message right, this example should more or less suit your needs:

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This routine is not very clear. Is there a more clear routine for LabVIEW calling hdev script

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Well, then maybe you could study some materials on HALCON-LabVIEW interaction, that MVTec sent me years ago. They are based on LabVIEW 2012 and HALCON 12.0, hence some information (as to the available operators, their names/prototypes or their behaviour) is likely outdated. Some useful pieces are there anyway, so check it out.

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Uploading a program example here is very complicated by encapsulating function calls through Halcon. I want to call hdev script directly through LabVIEW, which will be simpler. Please take a look at this routine and give me some suggestions

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I only know, how to call HALCON procedures (*.hdvp). Not sure, whether it's even possible to call *.hdev scripts outside of HDevelop, as some operators are often tied to its internal objects like the graphics window, so the counterparts should be used instead (if any). I would suggest to rewrite your script as a procedure to be called from LabVIEW or you could stick with traditional way of calling the operators with .NET nodes from the diagram (as done in your samples above). Of course, you can always reach MVTec or the local distributors to get assistance for your tasks (a valid license is required).

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