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LV_AviMovieInfo with DVencoder




I want to read an AVI encoding with the DVencoder compressor in my VI.

I need to know the timing, so I use the function "LV_AVIMovieInfo", in the output string I extract the framepersecond, and with this codec the response is always 29framepersecond while my file is in 10framepersecond (if I change the framepersecond of my file, I always have 29framepersecond with "LV_AVIMovieInfo").


Is it possible to have the real framepersecond of my AVI (encoding in DVencoder) with this function?


Note : If i use the mjpegcompressor, all is OK.

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Could you post your vi or a simple example reproducing the issue ? If possible with your AVI ? It would be useful for me to reproduce it.



Charlotte F. | CLAD
National Instruments France

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