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Installation problems with NI Vision Acquision 8.5

I installed NI vision acquisition software 8.5 as well as Labview 8.0 in my PC. However, I cannot find  the IMAQdx palette from the Vision and Motion  function pallete.
From my "vision and Motion" palette, I could find only "vision utilities", "NI-IMAQ", "NI-IMAQ I/O" and "Vision Express"sub palette, while the legacy VIs from the Vision and Motion >> NI-IMAQdx >> Legacy palette were all missing. 
I'm wondering whether this means that only parts of the NI IMAQ are installed, and how can I do next?
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According to the release note, Vision Acquisition should support LabVIEW 7.1.1 or higher. Please try to reinstall the Vision Acquisition and make sure the IMAQdx support of LabVIEW 8.0 has been checked. You need not uninstall it first.
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Thanks a lotSmiley Wink
I reinstalled the whole software this morning, and  the problem was gone. 
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