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Increase width of line showing detected edge?

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Hi all,


I have a user with color-blindness (not unusual I suspect.) He complains that the red line which highlights found edges in the various edge detection tools is hard to see. I know I can change the color, which helps, but he would also like it to be wider. Anyone know a way of increasing overlay line width in the edge detection tools?


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The only way I know to change line size, and dot size is to take the output from the edge tools and display it with overlay tools. It's not great.  The overlay rectangle tool can create lines with programmable width, overlay bitmap will create points (dots, triangles, boxes) of programmable size. * I hope the community has better suggestions*..  I can look for some code to post, if needed.  Might take a while.  NXG might have more control over line width.



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