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Image size after calibration and IMAQ Learn Calibration Template VI in Vision 2012

Hi there


I'm trying to setup a calibration for our fluoroscope camera. I got some pictures of a grid and try to implement a distortion model now.

It works more or less fine. But there are still some problems and questions 🙂


1. All my Images are 1000x1000 pixel. After correcting them with the calibration they change their size depending on the Method(937x928 at the moment).

Thereby I lose some information, because some details at the border are cut off. Additionally I would have to increase the size of every image manually for the further processes. Does anyone know how i can implement that the corrected images are still 1000x1000 in size?



2. At the moment I'm using the "IMAQ Learn Calibration Template VI" which I found in an older example. In vision 2012 this vi doesn't exist anymore? Why is this, and how could I implement it now, with using current vi's?

Tried it with the "IMAQ Learn Camera Model" combined with the "IMAQ Calibration Target to Points - Circular Dots", a tresholding a

nd "IMAQ Correction Learn Setup". But the result is much worse this way.



Thanks for your help in advance.


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In your IMAQ Creat Image VI, you need to set a border size, greater than zero.  The value needs to be large enough to capture your resulting images.  You can then extract a 1000 x 1000 image from there.


Keep in mind that only those areas fully covered by the dot grid are calibrated.  This means you have to stay away from using data at the edges of the circle, as these are most likely not corrected.  You could just as easily, resize the image (not resample).

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Thank you for your answer.


I tried it with changing the border size(tried different values), but the results are still the same (still 937x928). Do I have to set the image size anywhere?


What would be the best way to resize the image? Should I just copy it on a black 1000x1000 square?


And do you have any suggestions how I can build the "IMAQ Learn Calibration Template" with 2012 vi's? I tried it with the code of my first post, but the results are totally different to this:code_calibtemp.jpg Why this block doesn't exist anymore? Seems to be much easier for me 🙂





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Please help !
i have a labview 2014 and i need "IMAQ learn calibration template vi" in my vision system, but i couldn't find this function in the calibration toolkit . How can i get this function?? or in any version i can find it ? 
Thank you 

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