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Image capturing by IR camera with BNC cable using video card


Hello friends,


I am using IR camera with BNC cable. This BNC cable is connected to PC by "Conexant Bt PCI WDM video capture card". So i am little bit confused that how can i use that camera in LabVIEW ?


I am using LabVIEW 8.5.1, LV RT 8.5 , Vision Acquisition's software 8.5 with Vision Development module 8.5

camera - IR camera with BNC cable output

PCI card -  Conexant Bt PCI WDM video capture card


so can anyone explain how can i capture image using this camera?



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You will have to contact the manufacturer of this PCI Card for a driver.

The NI Vision Acquisition Software just works with NI framegrabbers, and for sure firewire, usb, gigE and IP Interfaces.




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The PCI card with the Conexant chipset is very likely using a driver which should support DirectShow. Assuming your card has proper drivers installed, you have a fairly good likelyhood that it will work with the DirectShow support included with IMAQdx.



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